The Alwoodley Golf Club

Alwoodley is one England’s finest inland golf courses, rated as highly as 15th in the country, it is a combination of heathland and moorland, with ample heather and gorse ready to punish bad shots. A local medic designed the lay out and his success here formed a springboard for a career change into golf architecture that brought worldwide fame.

Much of Alister MacKenzie’s subtle planning remains, though the course has been lengthened and toughened with strategic bunker alignment. Alwoodley is a natural heathland course, straight out and back in nature with the back nine being the tougher. With springy fairways cutting through a profusion of heather, whins and shrubs. It features eye-catching and naturalistic-looking bunkers, strategic choices, and large, often undulating greens.


alwoodley logo bottom1Course Name - Alwoodley 
Details - Yards; 6,338 SSS 71
Architect - Alister MacKenzie


Wigton Lane, Leeds, LS17 8SA

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